Elevate Human Potential Through Applied AI

Our program creates dynamic partnerships to provide real-world use cases, data, mentorship, and AI talent incubation to provide insight and drive AI integration in business.

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We transform the way you think about applied AI

Teams are structured around industry-led projects, guided by machine learning mentors to provide working models to support informed strategic decision-making around the use of key AI technologies in business


We offer you the experience of what it is like to apply AI to real-world industry problems. Learn how to define use cases, communicate with Industry Partners, and build ML models through mentor-led teams.

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We strategically partner with businesses building and scaling their data science teams. Our partners are focused on and investing in deploying applied AI solutions that can enhance their core operations through digital transformation programs and informed strategic decision-making around the use of key AI technologies.

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We create increased local AI capacity to create a network effect and help equip companies in emerging and traditional sectors to compete in the global economy.

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