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Summer 2021
Sharon Varghese

B.A.Sc in Mechanical Engineering

  • Hi everyone! I'm Sharon and I'm in my final year of mechanical engineering at the University of Waterloo. Over my undergrad, I've had the opportunity to work in different industries spanning across hardware, software, manufacturing, aerospace, autonomous vehicles and 3D printing. I was introduced to machine learning in one of my co-ops and quickly realized that I had found a field that piqued and maintained my interest. Since then, I have taken machine learning and data science courses inside and outside school. I am excited to learn more and use my skills to solve real-world problems. Outside work and school, I love hiking, reading, learning new languages and playing the piano.

  • Python Git R
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Marko Mijovic

M.Eng. in Software Engineering

  • Hi! I am a software engineer with a background in mechanical engineering who is most passionate about applications of data science/ML to FinTech and finance. I worked in HVAC and Oil&Gas industries primarily focused on applying data science to improve and innovate existing programs.

  • Python SQL Git Java Docker TensorFlow Data Visualization
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Varun Pathak

M. Eng. in Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Hi there! I am a Machine learning enthusiast with a masters degree in
    Computer Engineering, focusing on machine learning and deep learning. I am fascinated with data and machine learning. I explore new models and try to implement them. I like solving problems, collaborating with the team to explore new ideas. Outside of work, I like playing chess and practice public speaking.

  • Python Git SQL TensorFlow Predictive Modelling Data Visualization
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Richard Kaldenhoven

M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering

  • My background is in chemical engineering and I have experience working on multiple continuous improvement and optimization projects in the oil and gas industry. Gaining machine learning skills has given me a sense of excitement and optimism for the new types of projects that I now have the skills to contribute to. I look forward to solving real-world problems using data and code, as well as identifying areas where machine learning can be applied in the chemical engineering field.

  • Python SQL TensorFlow Predictive Modelling Data Visualization
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Kanishk Patel

M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering

  • I am a passionate Mechanical engineer with a keen interest in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. I worked at the Numerical modeling of Multiphase flows where I developed a physics-based numerical solver in Python and used ML for data interpretation. I am currently working with an Edmonton-based company to develop AI-powered software for the efficient extraction of oil from oil wells.
    My curiosity to learn more about AL/ML and ways we can apply it to change the current world never ends and henceforth I am excited to discover and innovate.

  • Python SQL Git TensorFlow Data Visualization Predictive Modelling Docker Java
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Josh Posyluzny

M.Eng Software Engineering

  • I am a recent graduate of the University of Calgary's Software Engineering Master's program. My undergrad is in Petroleum Engineering, but I've worked in numerous industries over the past decade, including geotechnical consulting, environmental services in a SAGD facility, well abandonment, concrete construction, and drilling services. This is my first attempt at developing in a large-scale professional industrial setting, and I'm super stoked/nervous about it. I can mesh very well in any team, and I always do whatever it takes to properly complete a job. My personal hobbies include gaming, olympic weightlifting, hiking, cooking, and playing heavy metal on my guitar. Also, I love animals.

  • Python SQL Git TensorFlow AWS Spark Java Data Visualization Predictive Modelling
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Luis Patruyo

Diploma in Data Science

  • I am a process engineer (P.Eng.) with experience in the design of oil and gas facilities including SAGD and LNG processing plants. I am looking to transition into the tech sector and recently completed a diploma in Data Science, where I gained a lot of practical experience in data analysis and machine learning applications.

  • Python SQL Git Flask TensorFlow Predictive Modelling Data Visualization Tableau AWS Docker
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Mahsa Taheri

M.Sc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • I am passionate about machine learning and data science. My background is in electrical and computer engineering and I graduated from University of Alberta with a master's degree. I have worked as a machine learning engineer focusing on recommender systems through my collaboration with a start-up. I am a lifelong learner who loves solving challenging problems and exploring new ideas. Outside of work, I enjoy biking, soccer, reading and watching movies.

  • Python Git Data Visualization SQL
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Tim Lau

Data Science Diploma, Lighthouse Labs

  • I am a data scientist with a formal education in economics. I developed a passion for utilizing data and machine learning algorithms during my econometrics classes and have since continued my education in this area. I am especially interested in learning more about working with neural networks, and hope to achieve this at my time at AltaML.

  • Python SQL Git Flask Predictive Modelling Data Visualization AWS R
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Sharyar Memon

M.Sc. in Software Engineering and Computational Intelligence - University of Alberta

  • I am a software engineer and a life-long learner. I have built my own photography business, authored research papers on nanoparticles, and helped create algorithms to model biological reactions used for drug discovery. I am driven by healthy competition and meaningful problems that require creative solutions. In my free time, I like playing squash and building rockets in KSP.

  • Python Git Flask Java TensorFlow Data Visualization Predictive Modelling
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Val Pintea

M.Sc. in Computer Science (Machine Learning).

  • I come from a finance background, having previously worked in investment banking, equity research and investment management. I'm interested in utilizing ML to make the world a better place, helping to solve one problem at a time. Outside of work I am pursuing my Master's, spend time with my daughter and wife, and enjoy creating desserts - chocolate mousse anyone?

  • Python SQL Git Predictive Modelling
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Jordan Darbyshire

B.Sc. in Geology with a Diploma in Data Science

  • I am a Geologist who found a passion for Data during my 9-year career in the Energy industry. I recognized a need for advanced Data skills in an industry that is quickly evolving, and I have dedicated myself to being future-proof by undertaking an intense skills upgrade. In my most recent role, I'm involved in Geosteering and analyzing drilling data to improve efficiency in a Remote Operations Centre. My hobbies include hiking, cycling, walking my 2 dogs, and spending time at the lake.

  • Python SQL Git Predictive Modelling Data Visualization AWS Tableau TensorFlow
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Dylan Loader

MSc. Statistics

  • I'm a current MSc. Statistics Student at the University of Calgary, currently completing my thesis. My interest in Mathematics and Statistics to solve real-world problems naturally lead me towards Machine Learning.

  • Python SQL Predictive Modelling Data Visualization R AWS
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Mauro De Moraes

Data Science and Bachelor in Mechanical Engineer.

  • I recently finished a Data Science Bootcamp at Lighthouse Labs. Before changing my career to data science, I used to work with environmental, health and safety on chemical manufacturers. I'm Brazilian and I have been living in Calgary since 2018 and I'm at my best when working with a collaborative team to achieve all the goals.

  • Python SQL Predictive Modelling Data Visualization AWS TensorFlow Tableau
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Reza Ansari

M.Sc. in Transportation Engineering

  • I am a transportation engineer with a background in optimization, database, and developing ML models. I can't live without challenges in my life, and my passion is to be challenged with data! So, I love data, and data might love me!!!

  • Python SQL Git TensorFlow Predictive Modelling Data Visualization Spark Azure
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Yves Nguimbous

M.Ing. Information Systems and Network Security

  • Machine Learning developer with experience in back-end software development using Agile methodology. Knowledge in software developement life cycle, systems administration, networking and cybersecurity. Built machine learning models with real-world data (images, texts, IP network records).

  • Python SQL Git TensorFlow Predictive Modelling Azure Java
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Joel Elford

M.Sc. in Mathematics

  • I am a data scientist with a background in mathematics. Previously I have worked on projects constructing complex biological neuron models and a project analyzing crime patterns in Calgary using statistics and ML techniques, at the University of Calgary. I enjoy the application of cutting edge mathematics and computer science to solve complicated problems and am excited to create real world deliverables in this field.

  • Python SQL TensorFlow Predictive Modelling R
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Daniel Collins

Bachelor of Computer Information Systems from Mount Royal University

  • I am a software developer, with work experience as a Business Intelligence developer using SQL, Python, SSIS/Informatica, and Excel. My personal interest in software development includes Javascript (React/Next.js), API development, and Cloud Services. I am a collaborative worker and desire to develop software that improves the world.

  • Python SQL Git Flask Data Visualization AWS Azure Spark docker Java
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Jason Zhou

Master of Data Science and Analytics

  • I am a Chemical Engineer with 9 years experience in oil and gas, and I recently graduated from Master in Data Science and Analytics offered by University of Calgary. I am excited about applying my transferable skills and AL/ML to real-world business problems at AltaML.

  • Python SQL Git Predictive Modelling Data Visualization Tableau R
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Winter 2021
Oliver Lean

Diploma in Data Science, Lighthouse Labs

  • I'm a philosophy PhD with a bioscience background who's spent years asking fundamental questions about science, knowledge, and reality. I've decided it's time to stop asking "why" and start asking "how", so I've turned a love for coding and data into a new career path in data science. I'm fascinated by the possibilities of AI, I love tricky problems, and I'm obsessed with understanding and communicating complex ideas.

  • Python SQL Git Predictive Modelling Data Visualization
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Yourui Guo

M.Sc. in Computer Science

  • I'm a software developer passionate about data and machine learning. My previous experience in my master degree gave me a great opportunity to apply reinforcement learning methods to music recommendation. I love learning new techniques and applying them to solve challenging problems. I'm so excited to start my new journey in AltaML and learn from great talents in the team!

  • Python SQL Git Data Visualization Predictive Modelling java Flask
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Gabriel Garcia Rosas

BE in Geoscience

  • A driven and detail-oriented Data Analytics Professional with deep expertise in the oil and gas industry as a Geo-scientist in data services whose skills translate and cross boundaries into other industries.

  • Python SQL Git TensorFlow Predictive Modelling Data Visualization R Spark Tableau
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Chris Cho

B.Sc. in Geomatics Engineering

  • I'm an aspiring machine learning engineer/data scientist with a background in geomatics engineering. I've always been fascinated by data and statistics through frequent usage of them throughout my degree and was in awe at how I can utilize these concepts to generate predictions that can be used for real-life business problems. I'm looking to continue learning and diving deep into this field, hence I'm super excited for this opportunity with AltaML and apply my skillset under their guidance. Outside work, I enjoy doing brazilian jiu-jitsu and playing basketball.

  • Python SQL Git Predictive Modelling TensorFlow Data Visualization
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Luke Kapeluck

B.Sc. in Computer Engineering

  • I'm a recent computer engineering graduate looking to learn as much as I can about artificial intelligence and machine learning. I've previously worked in full-stack development and work best when there's lots for me to learn from a team.

  • Python SQL Git AWS Azure Spark Java
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Emily Ingram

BSc. Computer Engineering

  • A computer engineer by training, I've developed a passion for AI and Machine Learning. My specific area of interest is Genetic Programming, and I hope to one day become a professional AI researcher.

  • Python SQL Java Git TensorFlow R Predictive Modelling Azure
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Graham Hill

Diploma in Data Science from Lighthouse Labs

  • My background is in civil engineering, and I spent the last decade building transportation and economic simulations. Now I'm ready to explore the exciting world of machine learning!

  • Python SQL Git Flask TensorFlow Data Visualization Java Docker
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David Adams

M.Sc. in Computer Science

  • I'm a recent graduate with a focus in machine learning and natural language processing. I'm excited to engage in industry applications of machine learning. My hobbies outside of work include hiking, writing, and bronzesmithing.

  • Python SQL Git TensorFlow AWS Docker Java
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Maviya Shaikh

Post-graduate certificate in Artificial Intelligence

  • I am a recent graduate with a post-graduate certificate in Artificial Intelligence and a background in computer engineering. I had worked on multiple data science projects throughout my educational journey to gain insights and therefore eager to apply machine learning concepts to solve real-world problems. I am passionate about machine learning and like to work in a challenging environment.

  • Python Git Flask Predictive Modelling Data Visualization Tableau SQL R
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Ray Liu

B.Sc. in Engineering Physics Co-op

  • I'm an engineer-in-training with a B.Sc. in Engineering Physics. It's my passion for designing and running experiments, then wrangling with the results. I have worked to develop a cancer screen test using metabolite concentrations, automate repetitive tasks using RESTful APIs, and simulate complex electromagnetic systems using the finite element method.

    As my hobby, I love creating personal projects such as my PayDayRobo project that uses a genetic algorithm to calculate monthly withdrawal from an ETF/stock portfolio while maintaining allocations, and the Ymap web app that can visualize Edmonton property assessment change between any two given years. Besides my projects, I also enjoy learning new machine learning techniques, like computer vision and natural language processing, by participating in Kaggle competitions.

  • Python SQL Git TensorFlow Predictive Modelling Data Visualization AWS Tableau Docker
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Manil Patel

M.Sc. in Computer Science

  • I recently completed my M.Sc. in Computer Science and have a keen interest in Machine Learning. My passion for Machine Learning lies in developing models that leverage data points into business insights. In addition, published a research paper on BERT-based Multi-Task Learning for Aspect-Based Opinion Mining in DEXA 2021 Conference as well as worked as Graduate and Research Assistant at University of Windsor.

  • Python SQL Git Predictive Modelling TensorFlow R Tableau Data Visualization
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Solomon Anandan

B.A.Sc Mechanical Engineering, Specialization in Management Sciences

  • I am a mechanical engineer with experience in applying data science concepts to aid in decision making within the energy sector. I enjoy exploring interesting problems in various fields, where ML and AI can be used as a tool to bring novel insights. Outside of work, I enjoy photography, exploring the city, and working on projects at the intersection of art and tech.

  • Python TensorFlow Predictive Modelling Data Visualization Java SQL
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Inga Velescu

Master's degree in Mathematics and Statistics

  • I'm a full-stack Software Engineer with extensive experience in developing software in banking environment. In the last years, I've worked on different web applications at one of the biggest italian banks - Unicredit, and I've embraced all the challenges that came during that time. I discovered very recently how exciting and complex is Machine Learning field and I'm thrilled to start a new path in my career with AltaML as machine learning associate.

  • Python SQL Git Java
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Braden Wiens

M.Sc. in Physics

  • I am a graduate with a M.Sc. in Physics with a love for learning concepts by taking on new challenges. I have experience working with precision equipment, developing computational models and data analysis. I look forward to learning, developing and applying machine learning to real world problems.

  • Python TensorFlow Data Visualization
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Vrushang Patel

M.Sc. Applied Computer Science

  • I am a new graduate student with an interest in machine learning and the data science domain. I completed my thesis-based master's degree from the University of Winnipeg in Applied Computer Science. I introduced a new Text classification method by using Transformer models in NLP and hand-crafted Covid-related dataset for the research community. My research was awarded the highest distinction from my university. I love to participate in hackathons and always try my best to come with innovative solutions.

  • Python SQL Git Flask TensorFlow Docker Data Visualization Predictive Modelling
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Lincol Lin

M. Eng. in Software Engineering

  • I am an experienced project manager transitioning from a career in engineering and business consulting. I am looking forward to becoming a better story teller with data, and to applying ML to solve industry challenges.

  • Python Predictive Modelling Java
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Keivan Rahmani

M.Sc in Environmental Engineering

  • I am a recently graduated Environmental engineer and a Machine learning enthusiast. I have experience applying machine learning and deep learning algorithms on environmental related topics, sensors and time-series data. I love to work in a team, solve the problems, and more importantly learn.

  • Python TensorFlow Data Visualization Predictive Modelling SQL
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Alden Yuan

Master of Data Science & Analytics

  • I'm an enthusiastic Data Scientist with a passion for data visualization and machine learning applications. I have extensive experience in data analytics, Project Management, and Strategic Initiatives at the University of Calgary. Through my master's program in Data Science, I was amazed by the powerful tools and techniques at our disposal to draw insights from data. I'm excited to immerse myself in this fast-evolving industry and create practical business solutions through collaboration. In my leisure time, I enjoy skiing, camping, and flying drones.

  • Python SQL TensorFlow Predictive Modelling Data Visualization Azure Tableau R
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